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Aftermarket Marvel Band Wheels

A marvel band wheel and blade combination including a pulley has a peripheral groove and a tire mated with and received within the groove. The tire has an inner diameter greater than the inner diameter of the groove to be free floating within the groove. The band saw blade is received against the outside surface of the tire and forces the tire into the groove. As a result, a firm frictional contact between the tire and the pulley and between the band saw blade and the tire is achieved to provide a strong driving force of the blade by the pulley. In a slowing economy, machinery break downs can be especially costly to your competitive edge as well as your bottom line. We make every effort to keep your band saw in production. We have the ability to ship worldwide from our location in Houston, Texas. We are always here to help you to keep your saws and employees working.

The things we need to know when purchasing a new band saw wheel

Whenever customers call us and look for wheels for their band saw machines, the questions that we often have to ask customers are the following:

1.) What type of wheels are they looking for?
2.) What type of machine are they operating?

Those are the questions that are essential for us to know in order to determine which wheel should we recommend to customers. Now let’s explain and provide a little information on the different types of wheels that are out there and what to look for when purchasing a new Band Saw wheel.

Band Saw Wheels are the continuous band tool revolving on a band machine. There are two types of wheels on a band saw. There is the DRIVE wheel and IDLER wheel. The Drive wheel is the portion of a band saw’s pulley-like drive system that propels the blade forward while the Idler wheel is used to transfer motion or to guide and support the drive wheel.

When purchasing a new band wheel for your band saw machine, you should consideration the following guidelines.

Wheels must be true round for an even and constant pressure for the band to work.

Wheels must be balanced to eliminate vibrations; Some Band Saw wheels cannot tolerate harmonic vibrations.

The brand and model of the band saw machine must be matched to the correct wheel(s). Each machine has its own unique form depending on the brand of the machine. The wheels of the saw would actually depends on the structure of the saw itself. However, it is true that some manufactures make similar sized wheels for different models of their own Band Saws (see below).

The diameter of the Band Saw wheel. The machine differs in the band wheel size, usually it depends on the size of the machine, the larger the band saw is, the bigger the wheel should be. This does not apply to all saws.

The thickness of the band saw wheel. The thickness may actually differ according to the brand of the machine.

And lastly, The bore size – Center hole of the wheel. It may differ depending on the manufacturer of the band saw. A distributor like us, will look for the OD (outside dimension) and the ID (inside dimension – that is the bore hole size

Those are the most important issues revolving around in purchasing new Band Saw wheels for your Band Saw machine. stocks thousands of replacement parts for your band saw

Our replacement Marvel Band Wheels are a super cast ductile iron and gray iron. All Marvel 81wheels are machined and balanced for true running, far superior to any cast design. Available for Marvel, Hydmech, Amada, DoAll and Hem saws, our complete inventory of band saw parts allows our Marvel 8 wheels to ship in one day. Our Marvel saw wheels are produced and ready when and where you need them. They are available worldwide and shipped via UPS expedited Service. We specialize in the Marvel 8-1205 lower marvel band wheel.

Call us anytime with questions on any Marvel Band Wheels

When you need to ask questions or need help with any parts from an Amada 400 blade guide to a DoAll drive wheel, give us a call at (800) 754-6920. We will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

We are a dependable source for parts for you band saw. We stock and sell “Black Iron Replacement Parts” - rugged, long lasting parts that resist damage. They are simple to order, solid quality, and we are less expensive than any other dealer.